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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Malaysia Day !

hahaa i believe you go anywhere, anyplace in malaysia, also can hear ppl talking about politics now. my colleagues my frenz and even strangers on the street.... this topic is soooooo HOT now... !!!

i dont know much about politics and also dare not mention much la... dono what will happen.. later ''ISA'' (internal security act) appear infront of me... hahhaa ... but i knew what day is today leh.. hahah  16th September !! is OUR DAY ! our MALAYSIA day !!

ahaha but same as merdeka day... i dint celebrate too... 

tonight went out yam cha with my frenz at A&W .. wow dono how many years i havent been there... is still so tasty with the double scoop ice-cream on top of Root Beer melted me... lolz

btw.... tomorrow is public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran.. hahhahaa but just Selangor only... hehehee

happy malaysia day and happy holiday !!!!



  1. Well..nothing happen on Malaysia's day..what a disappointment

  2. hehe.. the root beer nice leh~~
    luckily i suggested A&W... hahaha.. cos i know u long time din go dee.. lolzz.. anyway, had a great time that day. we should meet up more!!:P


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