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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bridesmaid shopping Days

as mention in my previous post that my lovely friend, Jinelle is getting married soon...

me and iris will be her bridesmaid... so last few weeks.. we started to go shopping for bridesmaid dress... (this is my first time wearing ''dress'' besides working clothes).. so Jing and Iris will be responsible to bring me shopping.. hahhaaa

we went 1Utama, Pyramid, and lastly found Kota Damansara is the best place to shop for dresses... 

the three musketeers lolz

actually we tried multiple dresses... hahhaaa but noooo i'm not gonna blog out here... :p 
just one from far... 

the 3 naughty playing around in the boutiques

but due to some typical reasons... i just manage to shop all my required dresses last friday... within three hours =.=''    really rush and SWT... hahaha

got a very simple bridesmaid dress for the morning session...  (its really short!) rm134.10

a tube dress for the wedding dinner...  the original belt is abit tiny... so i bought another belt for it... total figure is very nice.. rm188.80  hahhaaa 

bought 2 pair of shoes too !!

the black wan for dinner  @ rm116.90

and a white wan for morning @ rm99.90

both are 3 1/2 inch high heel !!  hahaha my first time again coz the most I wore before is just 2 inch...   



  1. There are actually really nice clothes stores in Bangsar. Just a heads up for next time (:

  2. thx whoaamello... will check out bangsar nex time =]

  3. HI ^^ blog walking. the shoes you bought are preeetty >.<


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