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Monday, October 13, 2008

a full Rainbow

have you seen a huge Rainbow ?? hmmm i actually seldom see rainbow... got also just a side or part of it only once or twice. But this time.... is a full(moon) rainbow ah...!! from top to tail... btw i dont know where is top where is tail la.... lolz

this evening when i was going off from work, my friend called me on phone. She told me that she can see the beautiful rainbow in the sky around my area. I was puzzled a while coz is the first time someone called me just to tell me to see rainbow.. hahahaa...  but i really wanna thank her for telling me.

so i went off to take my car. it was drizzling... the rain is like snow drizzling softly down (just looks like snow but it wasn't in fact) but the sun is still so shinning/ burning up there. I cant find a sight of the rainbow, so i just think may be i dint have the luck to see it bah.

then while i was driving, after a U-turn. To my surprise !! some thing enlightened me in front. and here starts the ''dangerous driving''. because i was busying taking out my phone to capture this precious moment. and my focus is 70% on the rainbow and hp screen while 30% on the road only. 

pix taken with my SE 810 (3.2MP) 
the rainbow just in front of me ah...

then i shift to try using my iphone 3G with only 2.0MP

by that time i was focusing more on the road cos there is a split junction infront... with not so familiar and the holding position of the iphone, i was so clumpsy... just agak agak the position and take a few cos i feel the car behind me is gonna kiss my boot. Now the rainbow is on my right already. but i have to turn left, so end of my rainbow-capture.... hahahaa 

luckily that time was 6pm, many cars on the road and not moving fast, if not sure i got ''honk'' already.

hmmm sorry for too excited to see rainbows....  to be honest, is the first in my life time to see that huge rainbow in front of me la.... pai seh...

** btw, my car screen was tinted, thats why the pix bit dark =] **



  1. Heys!!! i saw it too!! super fantastic wei...!! but i was rushing off in car somewhere, didnt have time to appreciate it till it fades.. lol

  2. Waaa~ Rainbow! I like Rainbow so much!!!

  3. i love rainbow too!
    actually rainbow is round.
    at first i dont really believe that till 2 years back when i flew back from new york, i actually saw a perfect round rainbow from the plane. is like so beautiful,sadly i dont have my camera beside me that time :(

  4. hey guess what, my friend sms me yesterday,told me the same thing too~ guess the rainbow is really HUGE.

    I missed seeing it!!!! Yooooo!!

  5. walao eh! how many phones you have? a dozen? =P

  6. I saw that rainbow too !!! =D Was on the way back from college. It was beautiful. You could see the other end of the rainbow. Semicircle <3
    Lovely !

  7. hie chean!!! hehe.. me love rainbow too!!! but i consider quite lucky gua.. cos i often see rainbow one.. hehe.. everytime i see one, i will look at it until i lose sight of it.. :P nice shot!! but pls drive carefully next time.. hahhaa.. we know how u tk photo while driving. **wink wink**

  8. estancus: ahhaa nvm.. hope u see rainbow nex time u are not in a hurry.

    robin: wow.. a round rainbow in the sky.. is so perfectly nice... nex time stick to ur camera.. dont missed it again..

    canny gal: haha. yea we lookin at the same rainbow..

    hurley: lolz... no la.. of coz i din hav dozen... but may be in future for collection la... hehhee

    melissa: wow.. u at the high part mayb tats why saw the semicircle... so nice..

    chuanguan: thx cg... =]

    jingjing: haha u lucky gal always saw rainbow... nex time bring me along when u out ya.. lolz... ooops i'll becareful.. don worry...

  9. to tell the truth, i cant recall seeing one for umpteenth years


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