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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to iRis !!

We had a celebration birthday for iRis kaw at Gardens, Hokkaido Ichiba Restaurant last weekend.

the Birthday Gal --- iRis with baby nelius (remember the Ferrari Kid?? -- LINK)

My camera is glued to Nelius.. hahaa sorry iRis, he took all your attention....

so co-incidently we are wearing Smurf Tee -- LINK !!

Nelius dancing when watching his barney video on iPhone !!!

Baby Nelius with daddy

me and my Shio ramen

Food we order at Hokkaido Ichiba. Check out my food blog - LINK

baby nelius in BLUE.

another coincident, we bought the birthday cake from ''Hokkaido'' too. But its totally not related to the Restaurant. hahaha

Happy Birthday iRis !!! wish you always healthy, pretty and wealthy...

check out the little baby... tempted by the cake!! (actually is the fire because he don't really like the cake when his mummy fed him)

yeah..... Salute!! (thats the only way he will face the camera when he ''salute'') hahhaa

so happieeeeee

unfortunately he knocked his head on one of the wooden deco. here he became Harry Potter !!

When we finish dinner... all the shops are closed. Baby Nelius was too excited that night... he was running all around and knocking at the other shops grilled... lolz.. hyperactive kid !



  1. wow! what a blast for a birthday, I bet Nelius had much fun!!

  2. nick: hahaa thx on behalf of my fren

    jamiey: yes i think he did enjoy..!!


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