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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple iPad 2 officially arrives in Malaysia on 29th April 2011

iPad 2 will also be officially available at Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on April 29, this Friday.

Official price for Malaysia is out too !!!

iPad 2 with wifi price from RM1,499 and iPad 2 with wifi + 3G price from RM1,899.

Official Press from


New iPad 2 smart cover: polyurethane is RM159 and leather is RM299

Just additional RM300 compared to the previous version now. Gonna pick one wifi + 3G for dad.. thinking of taking 32GB or 64GB. hmmmm haven't decide yet..

will you buy one too??



  1. i wan iwan >v< just can't wait !!

  2. wa, so rich. can buy just without thinking.

  3. I gonna get one tmr if there is still available stock by the time I reach. Cant imagine the long, long queue.

  4. @apisv2: new version of iPhone is not out yet oh..

    @shairazi: yes me too!!! waiting for iPhone5.

    @rascat: i wanna wait for dad to buy it actually.. but yesterday he told me he doesnt want it anymore... ishhh... parents change their mind so fast.

    @patrick: the white iPad looks awesome!!

    @john: haha coz i'm not the one who pay.

    @missorangelai: i think it will definitely a queue. hope you can grab urs!!

  5. your new layout is bugs free! i love it! quite nice n bright! good morning also! btw go for android honeycomb 3.0 tablets. ipad 2 is just another iphone but it is bigger in size. LOL

  6. crazy: hehee thank you !!!!!!!! oh.. andriod... need to test it out first... =]


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