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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awaiting for iPhone OS 3.0 !

Apple is launching the the latest iPhone OS 3.0 software update today - June 17th in USA and available in Asia on June 18th (rumors at 01:00am). All user can just update it through iTunes.

What is the iPhone OS 3.0? check it out here and here.

While waiting for the update. I decided to clean up my iPhone.. hahhaaa to welcome the new software (a new iPhone) !!

advice: don't pick transparent cover

why? see the pix below.... it turns yellowish !

remove the cover... wash it with soup.... and let it dry.... ^.^

while waiting for the cover to dry.... suddenly feel like changing the iPhone ''skin''... hahhaa i mean the screen protector.

Used it for 8 months already.... since i got another 2 new 'skin' .. why not change it... ho ho ho...


a brand new protector !!! a new screen indeed.

have to wipe the back too.... stain with dust =.=''
hahhaaa now is white like egg lolz

DONE.... !!!

preparation for iPhone OS 3.0
a) sync and back up all your files into iTunes
b) I did another step to delete all the jailbreak files too... just in case it took up some space of my memory (which it did happen from my last update aiksss)

now wait patiently for the update !

** still thinking to ''wear'' back the iPhone cover or leave it naked.. hahhaaa never used it naked since bought.... coz scared it will get scratch.... ooohhh but the iPhone 3G is just nice of its outer layer... and thin without the cover... never experience using it naked... how how how??? shall i wear the cover back??... iPhone !! can pls let me know... lolz

UPDATES @ 1.20am
YES... finally the iPhone OS 3.0 is here !! downloading it now... hahahaa



  1. ... it's so good for you..
    u had an Iphone.

  2. Me iPhone ish Updated too! BWAHAHAHAHAHA...

  3. richard : hehe thanks... but i got broke after getting it.. hope u get 1 too it rocks !

    mike: hahaa high five !

  4. wow wow wow~~ An Apple iPhone fans here!!! kekeke..dear, u seems veli veli rich leh..kekekkee..anyway, I din win the iPhone at the McValue Lunch Blogger I m not tat sad..I'm still ok cz I participated in tat contest for fun^^

  5. wow nice..
    you got iphone.. haha.. =D

  6. lisa: no la... save and starve to get the iphone wan... best is to enjoy the process of participating.. hope u get one someday ! cheers

    kenwooi: haha thx !!


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