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Monday, June 15, 2009

SMS and Emails are mostly a HOAX

i received a few sms from different ppl these days which says :

"Please switch off all ur mobile phone tonight. According to metro tv, & int'l news, there will be a big radiation wave tonight at 11pm which is very dangerous to humans. Please inform ur friends not to keep their phones near them."

What will you think?
hahahaa sure or not... how come only tonight? no date at all... can be any night wor...

hahhaaa its so obvious is just a HOAX.... just waste 5seconds google on the web you can easy find this

SMS on radiation wave a hoax !
from thestar newspaper article, Link:

I dont understand how come still got ppl sending the msg all over... even until today !!
just lazy to think? OR they really believe on it.. better in case then regret?

not only SMS.... EMAILS is one of the most favorable for pranks... !

eg. forward to XX emails and you will get a FREE mobile phone..

dont hope for free things by just forward emails =.=''

some are even worst : eg forward to XX emails... you will have a happy life if not... your family will XXX and XXX.....

choi..!! i felt that these emails are the most ridiculous one. why you know you angry and uneasy but you still want to forward out the emails to your friends? STUPID !
honestly i always dont read chain emails... straight DELETE....

how come there are so many crazy and stupid ppl creating prank and chain emails.... will any party/ company can earn from forwarding emails?? hmmm no idea.



  1. Wheeeeeeee~



    hm regarding your question, actually can.

    sometimes certain emails ask you to let's say send a copy to this email so that they can confirm you sent it to ppl and then win something...

    they can actually sell the whole list of emails collected for a fee to other companies who want to spam our emails promoting their products, yepps! :D


  2. sms & email spams are so annoying

  3. shufen: ic... dint know they can earn from that.

    mat`amit: ya you are right !

  4. haha.. i usually just delete.. =)


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