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Saturday, January 17, 2009

free gift SD card by Harvey Norman contains pictures

mentioned earlier... i bought a camera FX38 from Harvey Norman...

the Panasonic Lumix FX38... with a free casing and SD card

upgraded to 4G SD card...

they unbox the camera and preset every necessary settings...
when they hand over to me i saw only the separate pack of casing... but not the memory SD card.. thn they show me that the card is installed in the camera already...
of coz i double confirm with them whether the card is NEW?.. they claimed YES.. and that they took off the cover and thn ask me if i want the cover?? ... i reply YES pls.... (think they dont expect me to say that hahhaa)... they end up did not give me the box but gave me the card holder.. thats why i got the only card holder with me as above pix..

however today.. i explore the SD card... i found an extra folder in it... i open up very sweat-ly =.='' as nowadays there are so many ''expose'' pictures... HAHhaaa

they are all the Harvey Norman pictures of their staff... and the big bosses (i think) because there are several of ''ang moh''....

there is 50 over pictures inside... each is 3872 X 2592 (3++ mb) size.... NO WONDER my memory is so limited !!!!!

here are some random pix i chosen..... hahahhaa better make it smaller..... later harvey norman come and sue me of exposing their internal pictures... (BUT ... they are the first who gave me a SECOND-HAND SD card..!!!!) [luckily are not PORN pictures] lolz

even got reporters eh.... the middle gal from sinchew.. (saw from her name tag)

although is a free gift... but please give it sincerely la.... don't simply get a card to replace... =.='''

*** i'm in doubt whether to go back Harvey Norman to exchange for a NEW card or not..**

any suggestion?? should i??? consider cheating me right?? hmmmm



  1. Yer! Why Harvey Norman like that one! So totally not ethical, giving customer a 2nd hand SD card, even if it is free. If wanna give 2nd hand also delete the photos 1st la...dem doink la they all.

    Go demand for a new SD card. Complain complain n complain. Customers are always right.

  2. yes, go back to harvey norman and make a complain too..dishonest seller.

  3. I expect more from a reputable company like Harvey Norman.

  4. LOL. you should. and tell them tht you've seen their nude photos. LOL. and demand they refund or get you a new one. XD
    nah, just kidding -.- just go back and tell them what has happened. and see what they do. if they act nonchalant, then they are just avoiding the issue and it's bad customer service. bring it up to case if you want. LOL. if you want to blow up the matter. or complain to their highest. (: otherwise, just stick with the 4GB card, del the photos, and stay with it lar =.="

  5. Damn was hoping for XXX pics!!! Since dun have den go complain and make a big hoo haa abt it .. muahahahaha !!!

  6. ask them to pay you or else you'll circulate their internal pics! (which you already did, hahaha)

  7. u MUST go back n teach them a lesson. go find the manager and talk about this... and at the same time maybe u can use "consumer act" to complaint them!!!


  8. was hoping for some XXX photos too.. haiyoh.. potong stimz...


  9. loL 2nd hand SD card .. man :\

  10. eh? got such thing in SD cards wan meh? wa wa wa... LUCKILY not porno hor... *somebody at HN gonna get fired!* lol

  11. lol! hahaha! u better return them to Harvey Norman! hahaha!

  12. mana ada xxxx!!! PENIPU ANTARABANGSA!!! You go back the shop screw them and ask for 10 more SD Card for their dishonesty!!!

  13. thx for ur supports !! ....

    i will go back to HN to get my ''consumer rights'' back...

    hahhaa alvin.. i din study consumer act.. i learnt company act in uni only..

    XXXX doesnt mean to be porn la... don be dirty.. lolz.

  14. go n change la...
    and dun forget to sue them balik..

  15. Get it changed.
    Don't let them scam you like this.
    Who knows how long have they been using that SD card?

  16. wah... the harvey norman so sucky one... used stuff give people... can sue them... go to consumer rights ..


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