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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earn some pocket money for FREE

Came across this website last 2 days :

Its another website like and groupon malaysia which provide many attractive and great discounts on food, beauty, activities etc.

One of the most outstanding deals is this!!

This WeBUY Giveaway project giving out RM203,000 to all participating WeBUYers.They are offering a total ZERO cost (100% discount) FREE cash activity. All you have to do is to ''purchase'' and LIKE's facebook page and wait for the MONEY when the deal ends.
  • RM200,000.00 + RM3,000.00 worth of WeBUY e-wallet money must be given out within 120 hours.
  • This BUY will be activated when it reaches 500 = RM 3 for every participant's WeBUY e-wallet.
  • When the next target (1500 participant) is reached - the prize will be upgraded to it's respective amount (RM5 WeBUY e-wallet) automatically for all participants
  • If the next target is achieved, the prize money will be upgraded again. This goes on until the target of 10,000 participants. Remember to check out the chart below
  • If this BUY hits 10,000 - it will be a RM200,000 giveaway
  • Now, Every Second & Person Matters.

All you have to do now
  1. Register yourself here : LINK for FREE, NO additional charge NO credit card info needed.
  2. Puchase this Deal : LINK
  3. ''LIKE'' webuy facebook page : LINK
  4. Share it out and make more money !!!

Who Doesn't want pocket money??? Act now... EVERY PERSON MATTERS !!



  1. this program we need to spend money in order to make money .. hmm

  2. thx lee.

    sabree: no you do not need to spend... is FREE for you.. but of coz it benefits when you spend on other vouchers... afterall you will gain becoz those vouchers are more than 50% disc too.

  3. its their way to get more users! :)

  4. ken: yes its a way of marketing strategy and both win win situation. I just feel there is no harm to join unless those who don't buy online vouchers. =]


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