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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do we need proper english in blogging?

I got a special comment at my food blog this afternoon as follows:

The example which he/she mentioned is actually a sentence I jot it in a hurry yesterday when server was down. I din't even care about my english or grammar when posting it as my intention is to post it up a.s.a.p to explain why all the photos in my blog are unavailable.

I felt quite embarrassed after reading the comment by he/she (Anonymous). Honestly all the while, i knew my english is not very good, especially when i need to describe something in english. But i have tried and continue writing to brush up my english.

But after a second thought to myself, i felt a bit relief when my friend told me this, 'Just ignore him. This is your blog you may write anything as you like. You can't pleased everybody, no matter what you did there will be YES and NOs too.''

Hahhaaa it's so true.!! I can write my blog in any language, may it be a mix of chinese, malay, tamil, hokkien or whatever. Afterall i'm not writing a script or newspaper articles, i'm not a reporter, i'm not educating anybody, why a proper language is needed in blogging???

Does that mean someone with poor english or poor in any language cannot blog? How you know my english standard is not up to primary or secondary school only?

Or may be as what he/she say, i need to hire ''someone'' to correct my english before posting??But SORRY.. i'm too poor to hire one. Where can i find a ''teacher'' to do it?

Anyway, I am happy this ANONYMOUS to pin point me and thank he/she for pointing this issue out. I will take note of my english next time ya.

By the way, i will be more happy if this ANONYMOUS leave his/her name instead of ''ANONYMOUS''.

Okay, enough of grumbling... I want to watch tv now. =p



  1. I don't think we need to very PRO in english while blogging.Because this is our blog,not exam or what==My english is suck too!

  2. The title of this post seem to be quite interesting and after reading it I think there isn't much problem with your grammar as it is still understandable.

    I've seen worst.

    "I felt quite embraces after reading the comment by he/she (Anonymous)."

    But, shouldn't the word embraces be embarrassed?

    Or it is something with another meaning altogether?

  3. tell em, that's the way i blog! =)

  4. maple: ya.. its true.. we are not in an exam!!

    lionel0008: thankx.. yaya is ''embarrassed'' haha typo...

    Candy10: thx candy ^.^

  5. I too have made mistakes esp when in a hurry writing an article, suppose we make mistakes without realizing or we did not have time to check again.

    We learn along the way how to become better and not to make the mistakes again, that's why everything we do is part of the learning process.

  6. I always get someone to comment that my english is sucks!
    I have no idea :(
    But also can improve :)

  7. forget about this person. is your blog. english or manglish or singlish or whatever language your want to use is up to you. i mix my languages in mine most of the time except for the main site. i can't think of words all the time so whatever word [whatever language] pops up in my mind, i'll use it.

  8. Chean, seriously, ignore that fellow. This is a blog, not an English essay that we are suppose to hand to our teacher.. Why bother about the grammar?!!! If that 'anonymous' likes to correct people's English so much in blogs... then he or she can spend their lifetime doing so and wouldn't even succeed. =.=" swt!
    Blog is personal what!! So... Do watever u like.. Dun bother to b embarassed. ^^

  9. So touched by all your comments !!! you build my confident.. i love you all !!

    Nava: you are totally right !! support your comment!!

    Kathleen_YinLing: Lets improve together =]

    Baby: thank you baby. you are great !!

    Jinelle: my dearest jing jing!! thanx alot!! help me muackz Nelius.. hehehe

  10. Hi Maro Gal! ;) Although, it`s important to be grammatically correct in writing, I guess your critic was a little too much critical...

    Not everyone is on the same language level so we need to be gracious to others always.

    Keep it up, Maro Gal! Blog your way and don`t hesitate. We`re on your back!

  11. cathy: thanx for backing. i'm so touched ^.^


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