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Monday, March 7, 2011

Andy and Sammi are back together (許志安正式宣布與Sammi復合)

For the past few days, the happy news about Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng are back together after 7 years of separation, had covered in almost all newspaper headlines. Today, Andy Hui officially admit he is back with Sammi Cheng, during the press con for his coming concert in May 2011.

Hahahhaa have nothing much to say. The pictures below can prove more than 1000 words.

Last Friday, they were caught eating together in a Restaurant, sharing a pork dish. (look at their sweet faces)

Sammi's smiles and so sweet looking at Andy although the reporters caught them.

Andy was so funny and nervous that he drinks tea to calm down himself.

The next day Sammi still give the same smile while being ask about the dating.

Even the day at the airport departing to China for her new movie.

Today, Andy (安仔) had his press con announcing his coming 25th Anniversary On and On Concert 2011 (25周年演唱會On and On).

the sweet video... he just can't stop smiling while admitting he is back with Sammi ... hahhahaa

Sharing another sweet clip from youtube by jayfafa.
Andy Hui was one of the special guest in Sammi's last concert. They sang 其實你心裡有沒有我 and sammi was like a little gal。

What a great, happy and sweet news in the beginning of 2011. Wish they get along happily and faster get married, since they love to have a family of their own in their previous interviews!!

Credits: pictures gather from , , newspaper and compiled by marogal.

Updates 11.45pm!!!
Sammi wrote a note in reply to Andy's announcement, posted in her weibo !!! so surprised !!!


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