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Thursday, February 24, 2011

iPhone app: PopTap HOCC and PopTap Eason

TapTap revenge series have been popular in iTunes app store since launched. Was pretty surprised when Moov.HK introduced these similar apps for the HK artist too. ''Eason PopTap'' was Hong Kong's first music video iPhone game App. Then later they launched ''HOCC PopTap'' too.

Featuring Eason and HoCC's most popular MVs. You may view the High Quality MVs while tapping, shaking and swiping your way through the hit songs. Each app includes 3 levels of difficulties: Basic, Advanced and Hyper.

何韻詩 PopTap full version @ USD2.99 reached #1 position in Music Paid App chart of HK within the first 24 hours of launch.
It consists of 8 mandarin and cantonese songs.
Canto: 木紋/幽默感/大紅袍/金剛經/光明會
Mandarin: 鋼鐵人/詩與胡說/無名

Recently updated a FREE version which consists of 2 hit MVs for trial.
Canto: 金剛經
Mandarin: 無名
You may try out the FREE version before attempt to buy the FULL version.

I bought the full version on the first day it launch. Here are some screenshots for sharing.

you may key in your name on the top left corner

my score for the song 木紋. ''S'' is it SUPER?

陳奕迅 Poptap was priced at USD2.99 too. Heard that it was ranked at #1 music paid app in HK and Macau iTunes for weeks. The 8 songs include:
Canto: 講男講女 / 陀飛輪 / 一絲不掛 / Allegro Opus, 3.3am / 人車誌
Mandarin: 路...一直都在 / 心的距離 / 這樣的一個麻煩

The FREE version has 2MVs
Canto: 一絲不掛
Mandarin: 這樣的一個麻煩

I have actually downloaded the FREE version for Eason PopTap

my score for the MV 這樣的一個麻煩. If ''S'' is SUPER then what is ''SS''?? Haahaa i still have no idea about it. ^.^

I'm so glad that Moov.HK website shown Sammi's Poptap is coming soon !!!! Thats surely my next paid app to download.

PopTap music games can be addictive too. It's not easy even the Easiest level.
USD2.99 may be costly for a game app but having 8 original MVs are actually not expensive after all.

Updates: a silly video introducing HOCC PopTap by HOCC herself. She is crazy!! hahhaa

More demo @ Moov.Hk


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