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Monday, April 6, 2009

overtake by a 'polis' car

nothing special to crap about today.... but found a special car overtake me that day...

is a POLIS car...!!!  hahhaa first thought came into my mind is to take out my camera.....  
wonder whether it is really a police car or not coz it will be quite misleading seeing the number plate like this.  hmmmm  try to be creative eh... lolz

*** so sorry to the car owner.... the purpose of the pix is to show the number plate... so i was unable to sensor it off  =.=''' 


  1. Yoo, visiting here!! ads kissed!

  2. got me for that...i thought you had been overtake by the highway patrol eagle squad

  3. lol!! at first i thought its some prank..
    but it's PDL 15!
    really looked like polis! lol nice one! =D

  4. That was one hell of a car number plate.

  5. hahaha... i wonder how can a polis car is a van!
    at last i know what u want to deliver

  6. david: thx

    norfali: hahhaa but i havent see the eagle squad on road yet

    kenwooi: thats why it caught my sight too ... thx

    marcus: lolz

    CH voon: HAHa good

  7. its illegal to have such a number plate

  8. johnny: ooo should have called the really police tangkap tis palsu polis la... hahhaa

    crazy: i'll move... since i'm not that POL15..!! lolz

  9. haha nice blog! thanks for visiting mine>.^i have link u in my blog


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