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Thursday, April 23, 2009

DVD: Lady Cop & Papa Crook (Director's Cut)

大搜查之女 (DVD) (導演加長版)

After watching the movie in cinema for twice beginning of the year... finally the DVD is out.... the best part is that it comes with the full version of - ''Director's Cut'' ... !!! 

Malaysia is selling the cinema version.... so i bought this through  

Finally I got to watch the parts that was missing previously - blog - ie pregnant sammi !! and some tiny parts... the ending, Eason was not caught by the China police.. he got back to Hong Kong and continue to be the head of ''traids'' although he told Sammi that he already stop all illegal things...   Sammi caught him on video by fixing a hidden camera in a teddy bear for his new born baby.   There is almost 5 - 10mins  more at the Ending !!  

the FULL version is much much better than the cinema version la...!!! 

I think if you wanna get it in Malaysia :
1) need to order from music shop ie Rock Corner 
2) purchase online -

Product Information / Track List

另一結局導演加長版 (首度暴光)

* 特別收錄:
- 製作特輯
- 預告
* 片長: 98/91 分鐘

導演: 麥兆輝,莊文強

經營非法紅油的黑道油王霍青松(陳奕迅 飾)因一次油車爆炸意外成為香港警方及國內公安眼中釘,此時要面對獨生子被綁架的他顯得心焦如焚。

高級督察司徒慕蓮(鄭秀文 飾)是警隊明日之星,以精明幹練見稱警界,她接手偵查霍青松之子綁架案的任務,動員全幫上下追查,帶隊進駐霍家,使他決定與警方合作救出兒子。



English synopsis here.


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  1. the version i dl-ed from hk torrent site also cut version T_T


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