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Thursday, April 16, 2009

e-filing for dummies

Have you file your tax ? Its time to countdown on the deadline to file your tax of 2008. Most ppl will do it at the last minute.

But now the e-filing is very convenient... paperless... no forms and no need to submit the physical Tax Return Form. Just a few clicks and it will be done.

I had try out the e-filing this year. HAhhaa very fun indeed.

the Official LHDN Web : Malay / English

for first time user, you will need a pin number to log on @ e-filing web

for existing user, you can get it from your 2008 Tax Return Form

as for NEW user, get it from the nearest LHDNM branch via mail, fax OR email.
I would recommend using email/ fax because is the most easiest way.
Provide them the following details and documents in your email to
i). Tax Reference Number
ii). Latest Address
iii). Copy of Identification Card (front and back)
iv). Telephone Number

i got mine thru email, and they really responded fast.

after getting your pin, log in here.
there are several user guides on the web on how to do your e-filing.
suffer reading Malay language? they provide samples and guidelines on different languages too. : web

after you get the password, log in to file your tax : here
you will need to key in the individual details and statutory income & deductions. The last part of tax calculation will be taken care off by the system itself.

you can even fill up the form halfway, save it nicely, save/ print a draft copy,
Until you feel you are satisfy, log in to click Submit.

Soft reminder,
BE 2008 - 30 April 2009 14 days left
B 2008 - 30 June 2009 74 days left



  1. Why iam not able to access to for my pin application


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