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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Capdase cover for my Iphone 3G

i had bought my lovely iphone 3G in Sept last year... promised to blog things about my iphone but have been lazy-ing... hahhaa

ok.. so today i introduce the first cover i bought for my iphone

i actually bought this with my iphone. it cost rm50 if i'm not mistaken

the iphone cover by Capdase. and i just realize is from Hong Kong, looking at the bottom of the address.

it includes a screen protector cover which is anti scratch and unbreakable... a cloth ... a sticker protection for the apple logo behind the iphone... and a iphone stand 

is a skinny thin of rubber type cover... comes with a few colors

fit into iphone 3G nicely... but not for iphone 2G ya

can see the picture is taken in november.. hahahaa and now only i blogged it... (ok i admit i'm super lazy)

a pix with flash... can see the cover nicely.... but oopsss. my finger print on the 'home' button

back of the cover.  a empty space to show that your gadget it's an Apple product 

the iphone stand..!!! 

grip the iphone nicely....

the cover is nice as the rubber makes you feel the grip on the iphone.. and it wont easily slipped out from your hand... but its too grip for me to put into my pocket... hahahaa  so if you used to put iphone in your bag.. then is just right and useful



  1. visiting here...haha...not bad, iphone 3G ^^ haha

  2. Hey, how much does iphone 3G cost ah?

    My roommate is using iphone 2G and I am thnking of buying N97 when it is released. What do you think of iphone and its touch screen?


    thanks ya

  3. Hp: thx hp

    leechon: i think now the cost is around 2700 to 2900 for 16G.
    i think iphone's touch screen is superb. i heard fren say that after using the iphone, you will be frustrated when using other mobile's touch screen hahahaa


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