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Thursday, February 5, 2009

HSBC sending me a brand NEW car !

got back from work today...mum told me that i got a funny gift from HSBC Bank. As usually a bank will only send me creditcard statements or some formal letter.... how funny can it be??

but when i look at it... i was puzzled =.=''

wonder what is it ?? will never guess it.... or believe it....that a BANK sent me a piece of ...--- hmmm can it consider a cloth? ---- ok alright... a CLOTH !

looking at the wordings on it.. may be there is a clue...... its written ''SAVE THIS FOR YOUR BRAND NEW CAR"

ok... that means?? what?? i'm still blur..

they know i'm gonna afford to buy a new car for myself who is unable to buy it even when the world is NOT in this current critical economic crisis now?? lolz
OR.... they are sending me a CAR instead....!!!

hahhahaa.... btw to make myself happier.... i will pick the 2nd thought.... :p

and here is the piece of ''cloth''... is like 1 inch smaller than a A4 size paper..

don't know how to explain its material.... is something not smooth... but still bit kind of soft...
is a table matt? ....or simply a car washer cloth......

but my dad shouted it can use to wipe my monitor ... hmmm may be i will do that if is even smoother and softer... no way to risk my monitor...

however it seems that it isn't an ordinary cloth thou.... when i turn another side... saw some printing as ''in Germany''?? i guess so.. the full wordings might be ''made in Germany'' !!

hahhahaa so conclusion it might be an expensive ''cloth'' hor.... cannot look down on it yet...

ok... so what can i do with it now?? put it a side?? OR just wait for my brand new car to stop infront of the house one day.... kekkekeee

*something to complaint.... can't HSBC just attach the 'thing' with a piece of paper/ note ... at least inform me what is that !!!
OK... or they just want me to find it out myself...and search for the answer... ie. to approach them.... BUT i will say... if its so troublesome and lazy for them to do their marketing (job)... then i wont be bother too.... lolz



  1. it was supposed to be a bigger piece but cut off instead and sent to anor hsbc customer ..... cut cost

  2. oh.. really??...

    hahah thx for the info... =]

  3. hehehe, i guessed only lah bcuz that half printed thingy .... looks like it

  4. johnny : hahhaa i tot u really know the answer... lolz

    tekkaus: i also dono.. since then nothing more from HSBC... so they left me puzzled only....

  5. so what's that? u got the answer now? hmm, me also curious leh. hehe..

  6. Jys: i still have no idea about it... HSBC dint hints me anything till now... >.<''

  7. it's a shammy.. shammy is a type of sponge that made to look like a towel

    it's super good as it can absorb water well ("supposedly" can absorb well... if from germany one sure is good one... cos shamwow as seen on tv is made from germany... i got a china one and it absorb little nia)

    you can use it as a towel to wipe table etc oso can
    try watching this ad

  8. hi Jac !!!... its tat u???...

    hahaa... wow..!!! i doesnt know about tis... will try out my this FREE ''shamwow'' hahhaaa

    thanks for the info =]


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