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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Celebration

The new year just started... and i'm a year older already..... how come so fast???!!!... =.=''
and i think being born in January had 2 benefits..... to get my driving license ahead from others.. and also entering the Casino too... lolz.... but other than that... is just all about the AGE...

this year as usual nothing much special..... just have a dinner wif a bunch of colleagues and frenz... on that night

Dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant @ the curve.
i think this is the only Restaurant that have so many separated menus!!  ... hahhaaa took some time for everyone to order theirs.. 

our food pix.... 

the hot stone grill rice 

shanghai style noodle with zha choi (sze chuan vege) and chicken meat

roasted honey spare rib rice bowl

macau pork chop burger

american / england style breakfast set... (breakfast set for dinner.. hahhaa)

my cheesy unagi and seafood baked rice with cream (white) sauce

cheesy unagi and seafood baked rice with red (borch) sauce 

photo session... lolz

joanne and me

may be KimGary workers have to train to take pictures too... this is the best taken from several pix already... 

the curve... night scenery 

our next stop... at ''Heaven Cafe"

me & haysee

pinpin & me

the group of gals...

mavis & me... 

the group of guys and me...  from left : sam, hee, alston

my lovely cake....... choco cheese cake.... delicious

thx for the song dedication.... but felt quite embarrassed left me with the cake.. =.=''

had a great night.... thx u all for the night.....and thx my frenz for the wishes too....  =] 

hahaaa hope this year won't fly too fast again.... i don't want to celebrate my birthday so fast again.... lolz


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