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Friday, August 1, 2008

Office afternoon tea break

usually watch HK tv series will know about ''三點三咁下午茶'', (3.15pm afternoon tea break) 

but it doesn't seems to apply to everybody here... and i don't think any office employee policy will have this column mention about afternoon tea session. hahahaaa

so what we do is to arrange yourself... of coz not everyday... but sometimes enjoy own-self at your very own workspace..  (especially when i'm so sleepy, i will make myself a glass of mocha.. hehehe )

today, colleague from other branch came to visit us.... and bought us a box of egg tart.. 
therefore, we can ''明證言順'' (officially) enjoy our tea time... hehehee  

of coz i make myself a cup of mocha too... hahaha... yummy..... (can steal some time to rest too...hoohohooo)

* take a break, feel fresher, can move further *


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