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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New astro golden smart card

Astro is upgrading their system... and changing all its client's smart card....
think every astro subscriber will be receiving this ''pos laju'' envelop sooner or later.....

i got mine today......

so inside consist of the new smart card..... is golden in color.... but i strongly think that the previous color and quality is better la..... lolz

just now evening i just follow the steps to change the card.... luckily mum inform me to switch to CH880 ... if not the decoder will not detect itself to auto update... =.=''

besides these normal steps given by astro -
1. make sure ur decoder is on and you are watching a program for some time...
2. remove the old (red) smart card (remember where the magnetic shows on the card)
3. insert the new golden smart card in the same slot exactly where the magnetic face from the old card.
then it will auto update for 5-10 mins... then it is ready to be viewed

HOWEVER before you change ur card... pls make sure
You have to switch to channel 880.
For those who have AOD (astro on demand) package, i advice u all to change ur card before going to bed, if you don't want to missed any episode at that moment. why?? Because it will end up like this after changing and upgrading.

0.O astro wants me to re-subscribe?? i have to re-pay???... OMG....
so i gave a call to astro.... they inform me that AOD react bit slower... it take roughly another 2 hours to be ready to view....!!!!!
BUT it was mentioned NO WHERE in any of its letter or in the website...!!

bad astro.... i end up unable to watch the so-called - exclusive premier same day same time - as premier in Hong Kong.... due to the change of the new smart card....

by the way... the old smart card will no longer be used once you plug in the new smart card...



  1. wahhh too bad... i don't have astro at home.. i just download the series/dramas/shows thru bt hehe

  2. lots of fake astro cards out there which are being sold at a discounted price. so this is astro's way to counter those fake cards .....

  3. i tot nowadays many bt web was closed or ban alr??

    ya.. i heard about the fake astro card too... ish.. i think now the card is meant for a particular decoder only... cant just change the card to other decoder dy..

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