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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Las Vegas Trip @ Day 4

hahaa i know i'm extremely late to continue posting my vegas trip.. hehee

hmmm wat i have done in 4th day?... i think some pix had been mixed up cos of the time difference but my camera is not smart enuf to auto changed it.. hahaaa

in the Caesars Palace hotel shopping

wow a huge wooden horse at the entrance of the huge toy shop

a musical fountain 

hahaa see the varieties of ice cream are decorated so beautifully.

there is a rounded aquarium behind it

sorts of colorful fishes...

the outside statue of Caesars Palace. ... (mostly naked)

the main entrance is so grand eh... 

plane flying in the beautiful blue sky

a pix taken by my mum... haha 1st time taking pix... pass la

(oops pai seh la... )

this is the Bellagio Hotel lobby

omg... basically can get any branded outlets... in las vegas

the huge man-made garden in Bellagio hotel

the flowers here are so beautiful... 
this time the theme is Tulips flowers..!!!  hey all these are real flowers la

hahaa a smiling old man tree

a big lady bird hahaaa

all are also tulips... but got many different kinds... different colors too

ya the birds.. the deco behind are fake wan.. 

another kind of tulips... looks like paper.. 

can see the water flowing over the bridge??... is not closed with a transparent pipe eh... if you put ur hands over u can feel the water.. will splash all over... lolz...  imagine how strong is the pump below....

nice deco

bird eggs??.. hahaa

is actually in door oh... 

hahaa able to catch hold of the water splashing out each 5 seconds... 

the hotel lobby... 

hahaa can see paris from here....

i think tis is the longest escalator from Bellagio hotel... all the way to the main road.. is really very long...luckily no need to walk.. hahhaa

can see the music fountain here tooo.... yuen loi day time also got show tim... hahaa 

another hotel a passby ..... further in the monte carlo hotel..

the monte carlo buildings (建築物)

the coca cola museum..!!!  hahaa but i dint go in...   at the most right is the MGM hotel 

here is new york-new york hotel...  the london bridge... hahaa

inside got its indoor theme park and food stall...  

wow... big huge of raw meat... want some steak?? 

everywhere in US can see starbuck.... just like 7-11 here.. hahahaaa

again i bought the white choco mocha.... smooth sweet n delicious.

the buildings are so unique but upper floors are fake wan eh... 

there is the biggest roller coaster .... the rail goes around the hotel buildings and goes indoor too... i try tis b4 years ago...scary la.... hahaaa tis time dare not sit jor...

MGM hotel.. - the world's largest hotel !!

haha.. tis wan looks like disney hotel... i forgotten wats the name jor... 

from here can see part of the roller coaster rail.... high and huge or not?? 

inside the 'disney' hotel... got a escalator bring you in.. but u have to walk out..!! omg..(actually got another entrance la.. hahaha)

then we took a tram to mandalay bay... 

tis is the luxor hotel.... (pyramid)

ya i went to the imax theatre ... about dinasour.... hahaa almost eaten by the dinasour la... 

here is the peak of the pyramid... can see the angel?  surround it is the hotel rooms... 

till the end we took taxi back hotel ... becos we are like at the other end ... i'm so tiring alr la... cant walk... 

back to venetian hotel.... 

the grand lobby pathway...

the paintings of the ceilings 

at night we walk over opposite to Mirage hotel for dinner buffet

here got the Alaska king crab ah..!!... yummy...!!!... and big prawns too..!!!

night walk bac to hotel... wow so cold... when the wind blows...

the hotel is so beautiful la...

the water fountain  (the white building opposite is the mirage hotel)

-to be continue again -


  1. the wooden horse is from the troy. HIstorical things.. erm is about war. quite nice they got produce out a movie. U shud go watch. got nice love story as well.
    N the tree..smiling wan.. haha in my warcraf oso got a movie use tis as well cant really remember.

    so nice la US.. bring me go next time ok ?wan try out the rollercoaster haha...

  2. haha.. u so geng wan... i also dono cos dint watch..
    the tree very funny wan.. a movie also??... hahaa

    US quite nice gar... the weather not so hot even summer... just tat is really TOO DRY jor especially in LV

    wah tat roller coaster.. sked sked la me...

  3. world's largest hotel's title still belongs to genting's first world hotel which has 6,000 rooms

  4. haha i also dono.. tat day got an email of Guinness records... shows MGM is biggest.. may be outdate alr gua .. lolz

    tis mention tat in 2003... think now genting beats up alr..


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