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Monday, May 12, 2008

Origin of Low Fat Milk

hahaa.. saw this video in the afternoon at office.... make me laugh out...

i guessed everyone here drink low fat milk right? do you ever know how it was made??

These cows have to go through these lean programs la, no wonder the milk obtained is 100% low fat.

hahaa.. poor cow



  1. I want waygu beef!
    I dun want low fat milk!

  2. lol ...wat a clip..

  3. 3.8 - u know how to select the best part

    i want both the wahyu and milk

  4. leng lui... hahaa ya lar.. funny clip

    3.8 n johnny... eh wat is waygu/ wahyu?? i dont get it..

  5. Lol.. This makes me so glad I don't drink low fat milk! xD

    Wagyu cows live the most luxurious lifesyles. Even better than us in fact. They eat high quality food, drink sake and are even given massages to relieve muscle aches! Ah.. pure bliss... Till they're slaughtered for meat of course ;)

  6. hi scoobzz.... thanx for the explanation...
    ahah the wahyu cows so enjoyable wan...


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