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Monday, October 22, 2007

Goo Music n Goo Forum

haha.. i think some of my frenz here donno about tis at all.. so i jus briefly say something about tis ler..

yea... hocc got a new homepage and it is her official homepage... GOO MUSIC
in there is profile about goomusic and hocc and her team of co-workers..
the bloggie section... with her family and frenz blog.. quite frequently updated...
there is an online shop named ''hall1C'' where it sells all her products.. haha ya goo products.. such as concert T, souvenirs, albums etc (which i spend alot in there jor =.=)
special mention is this hocc charity fund .. there are voluntary work and donation given to the need, poor, old, disabled etc.
ahaha.. and lastly the photo gallery.. she will share some pix during the functions or charity projects.

besides there is tis official forum too... HOCC forum
this is where most of the fanz gathered, discuss and sharing things about hocc.

hahaa... hmmm.. weird to say so much.. k la...
feel free to have a visit... hahaaa


  1. "i bite till my saliva keep coming
    out.. "

    hahahaha laugh die me

  2. hahaa.. welcome... you ar??
    u posted the wrong post la... hahaa... u laugh die me jau chan...

  3. Oopppss didn't notice... hahhahaa

    luckily Anonymous.. kekekke


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