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Saturday, October 20, 2007

a 'past' terrible day

hmmm... i actually don feel like blogging today... cos not much mood since tis morning.. but.. i decided to blog la.. cos is still my life... my miserable life...gosh...

today is friday... actually should be happy cos tml weekend lor...but in the morning... havent even start my work.. my mood jus ruin down by someone... someone very HAK YAN CHANG..!! HYC.. yes... very the HYC ah..!!! those who know me will know who is tis la... cos i donno complaint how many times to ppl around me.. hahaaa...
i really very hate her.. kill her.. box her.. pinch her.. kik her.. eat her...!! hahaaa... she make me jus pour out alot bad words today... ish... sorry for those who i disturb and complaint to them bout tis.. i think positively... and i'm ok now la.. but later i donno wor.. hahaaa.. don care ler.. weekend play 1st.... nex week sin suen... :p

today i go take back my notti pc also.. haha sick for so many days very poor thing la.. somemore today kena ''operation'' cos doc say it cant help jor.. need wash up everything.. and put in back the internal... haiz.. and cost me RM50.. cos it notti keep eating ''rubbish''... i got buy it anti-rubbish jor.. but then doc say pirated no use... original wan RM100 per year.. yo... so expensive..... I want MacBook..!! virus free ah..!!! hope tis lil pc.. sang sang seng seng don giv me much prob jor la.. hehee

after work... went McD for a break to have a ice cream with fren... haha.. not bad.. cool cool har.. then only home.. if not.. really quite ''fire'' today.....

after dinner went yam cha wif uni frenz.... one of them goin spore work.. haiz.. i wish i can leave for somewhere work also... will my parents let me go??.. cant la.. i still tie on a very very thick rope!!! help and free me pls someone..!!
then we chatted and drink drink at winter warmer lor.. haha tis place really more suitable for drink la... eat.. err think not recommended la.. hahaaaa

hmm some fotos... the winter warmers at the curve

my ice mix fruit cocktail.... hmmm cant explain it taste like but afterall the most is ''sweet''.. ahhaa

ying's rose coffee... ahhaa.. the rose up there we tot is bawang goreng.. laugh die us..!!

haha.. yam seng... all with diff kind of glass... kekee...

went back late home o... as usual kena mum grumble... aiks.. then.. i make a fren unhappy... so sorry dear fren... but glad she is ok now... (hope she is really OK ah...!!) hehe

today.. not really happy la... luckily got ice cream.. got drink drink talk talk.. and later got chat chat.. make me feel better... heheee..... thx u all..!!!!!

aiks.. late jor.. goin bed now... tml go play... yeah..!!


  1. first thing first....

    how can people drink rose flavored stuffs???

    i love rose smell but i kenot take down rose smelled drinks oso >.<

    eh....... it seems like your drink very the nice leh....

    i know winter warmers has a kicking green tea ice blended..... >.<

    now i feel like wanna drive to the nearest WW dee...ekekke

  2. Yeah i am really ok now.. Dont worry..
    I just care about you alot...

  3. this HYC always make you so mung.
    feel want to see her "real face"!!
    next time show her pic out!!
    punch her!!
    opps...i'm too rude...paiseh!!

    finally you went to winter warmers,
    hehe...i also like the mixed fruit cocktail very much...
    hmm...i never try the food before except the sanwich...but it's really NICE!

  4. jac: hmm i donno o.. i dont drink rose drink too.. u hav to ask ying bout tis.. hahaa..
    ya.. my drink not bad la... drink till i go toilet few times.. cos quite a big jar...

    green tea blended ice ke??.. bitter or not??.. i sked bitter.. hahaa


    uu : haha.. take her pix??.. will dirty my hp la.. ish... no need paiseh to her wan.. ahha kik her..!!


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