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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Trip to Sekinchan - Fish Village & Paddy Field

Went to Sekinchan with a few friends last weekend. Sekinchan is a small town near Kuala Selangor, one of the major rice producing area of Malaysia.

Some photos to share ..

The fishing village, where you can taste the seafood at the Restaurants nearby and also purchase fresh seafood before heading home.

One of the fishmonger lead us to this Redang Beach located nearby.

Here comes our Destination -- Sekinchan Paddy Field !!!  (just opposite area of the fish village)

We almost got sun burnt after a day under the hot sun...!! Sekinchan is a nice place to explore away from the busy city. 



  1. Ahhh it's in Sekinchan! Now I know it! :D Oh by the way the fish freaked me out. :\

  2. Jiamin: haha yes.. i'm curious where about this place too when my fren posted those nice pictures... oopz sorry for the ''piranha'' hehehee

  3. Beautiful place... picture are nicely captured.. I had a friend from sekinchan, actually..

  4. nice place.. i always thought paddy fields are mainly at kedah only :)

  5. very nice picture
    the scnery is beautiful

  6. hey nice pics.. its really unseen place pics for me thats why i find it very beautiful.. thanks..

  7. hi,marogal. nice u know where can i get fresh fish in this sekinchan place?

  8. thankx all.. was enjoy shooting the nice photos in sekinchan.

    hmm for the fresh fish.. i think u can head to the stalls near the sea.. (left side if you come from KL).. coz right side are all rice fields...

  9. I want visit rice fields.... when is better month?


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