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Monday, May 9, 2011

Students Bully in YouTube Clip Say Sorry

Since the video of School student bullied by several classmates in Secondary School - SMK Raja Abdullah uploaded on last Saturday, there was a uproar among the Facebook users and also the public attention. Refer to my previous blog post ---- HERE.

Got the latest updates from theStar paper this morning. The gang of school bullies had apologies to the victim. Personally think that is force by the headmaster and the parents in order to settle the case aside or to cool down the public complaints. 

Part of the newspaper article as follows:
KUALA LUMPUR: Several female students who bullied their classmate seen on YouTube violently pulling and cutting off the victim's hair have apologised to her, said Federal Territory education director Mohd Adenan Deraman.
He claimed that the matter was resolved by the school and parents of the students involved in the humiliation of the girl, which sparked an uproar among Facebook users.
The three-minute video, which was uploaded at 3.30pm on Saturday, also showed the victim being hit with books on the head and strangled with a tie. She cried and pleaded repeatedly for the assault to stop but her classmates ignored her pleas and jeered at her......
Full article pls refer to:

Hope more government and school authorities may look into this seriously instead of another ''no conclusion'' case.


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  1. They said their apologies but my question is this: Is their apology really 110 percent sincere?


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