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Saturday, May 7, 2011

School Bully in Secondary School Kepong

I saw a video shared by some friends in facebook this evening. The video is about a secondary girl being scolded, smacked, hit on her head and worst still her hair was being simply cut by 2 to 3 other female classmates.  The video was taken in class where all the gals are still in their uniforms. 

I felt so pity and sad for the victim. She was crying so helplessly.

Sourced: 爱吻 soh 短片,静思语都在这里 Facebook (

Looking at the facebook link given, they mention its from SMK Raja Abdullah school @ Kepong. Further from the comments, i found this newspaper link - Guang Ming Press. The video has taken public attention and appeared in newspaper. Hope the school authorities and police will involve in this and jailed those crazy gals.

How come children in school are so violent now!!! Can't imagine gals now are so crazy too!! really ridiculous. Worst still one of the culprit believed to be one of this gang of ''student bully'' is still scolding the poor victim on her Blogspot that how dare the gal small little things report to her parents and police. 

Here is one of her blog post :

I think i just feel to slap her too if i saw her in person. She thought herself was so pretty =.=''

**UPDATED 12.20am : the Gal CLOSED HER BLOG
hahaa just within 30mins... she close it alredy... aiya why so fast =.=

Alternative link if you can't view the Cherryboom blog above link. Thankx to Mr.Definite

Further Updated News from theStar paper on 8th May 2011.
PETALING JAYA: A video of a female secondary student being humiliated by her classmates has sparked an uproar among Facebook users.
The three-minute video has drawn over 1,000 comments with expressions of anger over the incident. In the video, an unidentified female student was seen violently pulling and cutting off the victim's hair. ...... (continued in link below)

LATEST UPDATES 9th May 2011: 
Check out :  The GALS APOLOGIES !!



  1. too over.. oh my god!!!!!!!

  2. I found out about this yesterday, that girl is a real cunt. Hope she gets the deserved punishment.

  3. the bullies should be sent to juvenile schools to deter other students from doing the same.
    and also should the acid splashers be caught pls hang them without a trial, we dont need this kind of people in our community. try to feel the pain of the victims.............

  4. I cannot and could never bring myself to watch that video for it is not just painful but also it reminded me that I was too a victim of bullying many years ago. What the poor girl went through was uncalled for and unfair. Shame on those mean girls who dared to post that stupid video up and two weeks worth of suspension is not enough really.

  5. is The girl in the photo the one who did those cruel things? or she's the one who got bullied?

  6. the video really disturbing.really pity the girl who's been bullied.. i hope justice will be serve upon to this girl.. I know sumday those girls(bullies)will pay!!!!!

  7. i think the victim is a half-syndrome down girl..poor her..

    the bullies, you deserve lots of punishments!!!

  8. to the bullies: what kind of girl student are you? you are not human! you are more then animal! you are cannibal, don't you? you deserve the punsihment in the near future!

    how come no one saw the incident? where are the teachers? where are the other students? where is the headmaster? what kind of school is this? is there any regulation in this school?

    i was so disturbed by this incident


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