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Sunday, March 27, 2011

my Earth Hour 2011

26th March 2011, 8.30pm - 9.30pm is the 3rd year of 60 Earth Hour. I took the effort to go around few places in 2009 which was so fun, but din't explore during 2010 (forgotten what i'm busy on). As I was out today, by 8.30pm I was still on the road, so i drove around some places for a look before going home.

This year seems not much advertisement and public awareness, coz only IKEA and IKANO is participating on the 60 Earth Hour.

Ikea is quite dark from outside. I can see ppl are having candle light dinner at ikea's cafeteria.

the Curve is way too bright.

Sunway Giza mall is even worst.... lights were all on.

SS2 area... I remember the most - Bata was the brightest during earth hour in 2009.

But earth hour 2011... no one seems to participate in ss2 area. omg....!!

I reached home by 9.00pm...

hahaa I light up some candles and have party with my lovely cuties... isn't it romantic?? hahha

this is so lovely... looks like a birthday cake oh...
so I decided to set 26th March as my tortoise's birthday!!!

No matter you participate in the Earth Hour or not, as long you took a stand on the climate change in future is good enough.

Lets pray for less disaster in future too.

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  1. wow... you managed to explore so many places...=)

  2. visit from innit.
    wow, good effort for mother nature ;)
    sadly not everyone participate in it..

  3. this year , its seem earth hour kinda got less attentions..huu -____-


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