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Friday, March 18, 2011

International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 @ PutraJaya (part 1)

Went to Putrajaya this very early morning for the 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011. Reached there around 7.40am, but was told that the tickets for hot air balloon ride were sold out. By the way the ride just cost RM10 for an adults. Heard them saying, ppl are queue-ing since 4.00am. Ok I salute them to be that early, but i rather get more sleep coz i just took 3 hours nap only. Friend and I were so disappointed. So we just decided to walk around and take some pictures. Fortunately, we are able to enter the centre ground where special hot air balloon demonstrations held, hahaa. So lucky, we got the opportunity to ride on Japan's Doraemon Hot Air Balloon for FREE!!! yes is FREE!!

Shoot some photos to share with my readers. So I'm not gonna say much here, let the photos says all. ^.^

Sun rising morning!! (Friend get to shoot the sun rise while I was driving, too bad not my cam)

This is Woodrow C. Greenleaf from USA. So unique! But it flew away very early, din't come back till i went off around 10am.

an upside down Hot Air Balloon from Netherlands!! Wonder how it flow the fire?

our local KFC Hot Air Balloon.

Belgium and Japan (Doraemon) Hot Air Balloon.

the Cat from Vietnam

starting fire by one of Malaysia's Hot Air Balloon !!

The Belgium's one without basket !

Ding Dong (Doraemon) from Japan!! Isn't it CUTE???!!

They took some time to raise this Darth Vader from Belgium because its too huge. See how many photographers there...

Mind you... the fire is really HOTTTTT!!! though I stand so far but i still feels it.

Doraemon's Hot Air Balloon basket.

This is the one i sat on...!! the Cute Doraemon....from Japan #prayforjapan

a pix when was flying in the sky..!!

the Japanese Pilot of Doraemon!! Friend ask him how he became a pilot of Hot Air Balloon and he replied that his ambition when he was a child is become a SUPERMAN!!! And today HE IS!!! wearing red and flying up the sky!!!!

to be Continue.... for PART two..


  1. cool~ wanna be on those hot air balloon too

  2. nice post!! the hot air balloons look so beautiful :DD

  3. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. How did you get to know about the hot air balloon? Newspaper? =]


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