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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bang by Hit and Run Driver !!

This morning I was driving to work as usual. The traffic is quite slow and cars are slowing down too. Suddenly the car behind trying to overtake me from side but was so impatient to brake, HE hit on to my bumper !!!!!

I was quite frustrated.... just stop my car at the road side but for my surprised, that stupid car did not intend to stop aside. He just keep going!!! I didn't manage to go down to check on my car but just followed him behind while I make a call to my dad asking for assistance. Dad just ask me not to follow because we don't know their initiative, as the driver might lead me to a back lane or where and probably snatch my car?? (how dangerous are our country now?? so many real cases happen everyday!!) oh gosh..... I was speechless and after 2 street of tailing him, I just give up as I was alone and I can't stop him.

This is a picture i took from behind. Old model of Hyundai Sonata WJS 7299 !!! If anybody happen to found this hit and run driver, please help me to give him a disdain look on him.
(dare not post too big the pix, dono he will come revenge me?? haha)

my new car.... =.=!!! sobsssss

Luckily i went to seek my mechanic on the repairing price, it was not too bad. RM230 for everything to be done nicely within a day.!!! If not i think my temper wont be cool down and keep cursing the idiot driver forever...!!

da dahhh... a brand new car again.....

many friends ask me to make a report... haiz but don't you know what is the quality service of our police procedures. Claiming for the insurance? nah... if police can't find the driver, my insurance will be claimed and all my NCB marks will be deducted.... not really worth to waste the time and effort on it..

By the way, what if the driver coincidently saw my blog?? hmmmmmphh yes he may be relief as i din't report the police.. Hey you driver... now you can continue to bang others car and just runaway as you like... oh Shit..!!

Sorry to make a bad example... i feel so bad now..

Afterall, i'm save, the car can be saved. thats it... 破財消災 (money spend to cover bad luck)!! Good Luck is coming....!!!



  1. Oh my god!Fortunately you are not get hurt!

  2. hi visit you again :) becareful for next drive

  3. you are safe which is the most important la


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