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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 ~ iOS 4

Lately Apple have announced the latest 4th generation iPhone on 7th June 2010 midnight 1:00am (Malaysia time) after a year Apple introduce the iPhone OS 3.0 last year March 2009.
It is the biggest leap this time since the original iPhone. The appearance is different and additional of over 1,500 new features on the iOS 4 !! Some of the major features is as follows:

-- Face Time – allows to video conferencing between iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only for now. Further is only available with wifi only. Others will be upgraded sooner possible next year.

-- Size & Weight - it is 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS and in fact the thinnest smartphone in the planet! Weight of 4.8 ounces

-- Retina Display - The Retina display on iPhone 4 is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models.

-- Multi-tasking - now is able to run the third party apps and switching between them.

-- 5 MP camera, LED flash, Backside Illumination Sensor, Front Camera - including the 5x digital zoom with LED flash best for low-lights photo. the Front camera is convenient for Face time and also camwhoring.

-- HD video - now iPhone can take HD videos of 720p at 60 fps with built-in video editing.

-- Folders - combine several apps just by dragging them into an app.

-- iBooks - shop for books and all PDF files can be store in iBooks too. come with the features of cut, copy & bookmark.

There will be as usual of 2 colors. White and Black.
Pricing --
$199 for 16GB and
$299 for 32GB.
iPhone 3GS will only available on 8GB with only $99.

iPhone 4.0 will be shipping on June 24, 2010 in US, France, Germany, UK and Japan.
other Countries like Hong Kong, Singapore will be available in July 2010. and further 88 countries by September 2010. No announcement for Malaysia that day by Steve.

But latest news from Maxis i heard on radio 2 days later ... that Maxis will bring in iPhone 4.0 by end of July 2010. Hope they really do so and provide upgrade for existing iphone 3GS user.

Afterall, for existing iPhone and iPod users, FREE upgrade for the iOS 4.0 will be available on 21st June, 2010. Free for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd generation).

Apple iPhone iOS 4.0 will be up in Malaysia end of July 2010 !!

for more details can be found in iOS 4 and engadget



  1. wow awaiting to have a touch on this iphone 4

  2. The price in Malaysia for sure is dang expensive!

  3. kenwooi: yes.. is really cool.. waiting for the real thing

    kwong fei: me too!

    Tolanic: Malaysia is always expensive.. but i think it will be roughly like the previous 3GS. Hopes Digi competes with Maxis and we get a better offer.

  4. Omg~ i wish i could hav it on my palm now!!!! can't wait lar!!!!!

  5. thanks,this is my site be a follower..more wedding ideas!

  6. how to love more a follower..thanks..

  7. hahaha,I like the iphone 4 so much....


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