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Sunday, March 7, 2010

survey: who should peel the prawn shell?

this is quite weird that i come out suddenly with this topic/ survey.

this origin from a steamboat dinner i went to last 2 weeks. it started from a short conversation with a close friend of mine. one of the question is how come she don't eat prawns. surprisingly she answer me because she was lazy to peel off the shell. so my next second was grab a prawn and peel the shell for her. she was shocked with my movement and told me that her bf don't even do that before. now the ''shocked'' came to me when i head that. and i was told that the gals should peel the shell for guys!

after several days later this friend of mine posted me a link and told me that she dedicated a blog post to me. besides all other things, she was touched by my simple gesture of peeling off the prawn shell for her that night.

i just feel puzzled over this topic... so i actually went to survey on a few people.

the question that i asked was : Will you peel a prawn shell for your love ones?

the answers i got are as follows:

Guy A : it's the gals job what. why should i do that?

Guy B : No. she want to eat she peel herself. (each peel their own)

Guy C : Nope. unless if she very very ''teh'' 撒嬌 ''manja'' me only i peel ONE for her.

Guy D : No la. unless she request.

Girl A : yes i will.

Married woman A : yes and my husband will do that for me too.

Married woman B : but now my husband peel for the daughter instead for me!

as for my opinion. i think is not whose (bf/ gf) responsibility to peel or not to. Is more that how much u love this person. you will tend to do anything as long as he/she will be happy...

Please complete the poll at the top left corner of this blog.
there are 3 questions on this survey.
1) Your answer,
2) Gender
3) Your Age.

of coz further opinion can be posted at the comment box.

afterall i'm not to pin point anybody here but just wonder/ want to know what is the current generation thoughts and point of view. by the way i feel sorry for mr. Prawn to be pointed.. hahaa it can be other food or things la.

thank you!!!

** the poll is from it only appear on the side bar.



  1. i dont mind peeling if requested.. =)

  2. Done...and I choose each peel their own although it's still depend on the situation. Since I'm a guy, if a girl ask for my help most probably I'll peel the prawn for her.
    Elder person and children also included.
    Guy same age and way....peel on your own . :p

  3. thanks you guys for participating and your comments..!!!!


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