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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HOCC providing FREE legal download on web

Denise Ho 何韻詩 had just released her latest theme song for her Concert 2009 in October.

the song ~ 舊約 (full CD version) is spread out through her official website: Goomusic and later on, youtube & etc.

She then urge her Fanz to spread it out through forums, emails, blogs and anywhere.. as she know the ''huge strength'' of the www (world wide web). It is the first time I see artist/ singer providing even the mp3 link for the full version song out for FREE.

Nowadays is totally out of control to restrict the pirated mp3 on the net... recalled me about a news i heard this morning, there is this woman of 3 kids was caught and charged up to a fine of few Million dollars due to download illegal songs on the web! poor woman... I think most ppl download songs on the web now... is just when you are the unlucky ones who got caught? aiks =.=''

shhhh luckily... now I can download LEGAL song from HOCC !! ahahhahahaaaa

let me help to promote here again .. hahhaaaa actually all can be found in my funz blog

a) the return of 光明會 for the Concert in October 2009 : Link
b) lyric of 舊約 (save the world save the date) : link
c) full release of the song on the web and 5 options for dl : link

some of HOCC notes and messages from twitter and facebook and also her blog... she is really the most hardsell artist !! hahhaa

hoccgoomusic明天大家將會有一個任務,就係希望大家能將我隻新歌geh link用facebook, email, twitter等等傳開去。呢度有五千幾人,facebook有九千幾人,每人傳比十個人,轉眼就可以傳遍十萬個黨員非黨員。大家小心!!!!光明會回來了!!!!!!!

a reply by HOCC on newspaper to the reporters that since illegal download is now unavoidable, why not she just upload up herself for fanz. Ppl who want to buy the album will eventually buy it.

【on.cc專訊】 何韻詩新歌《舊約》在多個本地及內地網站發現有足版試聽,甚至供樂迷合法下載,阿詩承認將新歌上載到部份網站,她說:「依家唔可以單靠傳媒去報道,網上係全球性。」阿詩表示只要歌曲一派台,就會出現非法上下載:「非法上下載已經阻止唔到,既然係咁,倒不如我自己擺上網畀歌迷合法下載。(唔怕影響新碟銷量?)唔怕,要買碟始終都會買。」

and i really did the mission two too.... hahhaaa i think by now most of my friends had already receive my email... dono when they will come ''whack'' me for spaming their inbox ! ooopzz

Its FREE afterall !!.. why not just have a try listen it.. download it... you may love the song ! CHEERS !!


光明會 returns !
Save the world Save the date 10102009

p/s: 光明會 is the theme song of the Concert in 2006 : HOCC Live in Unity 2006
the red logo is the theme logo of the concert 2006 too: souvenir



  1. hopefully spread songs only ..... not others hehe

  2. yes yes song only... and big love (大愛) save the world

    btw whats others you off?? haha

  3. dear~
    u love cantonese songs veli much right??
    hehehe..this is my observation oni la..
    hmm..though i m not tat fancy with cantonese songs bt i will introduce it to my bf~ he loves cantonese songs much much too~

    anyway, thanks for sharing o!!

  4. thank you for saying that HOCC providing FREE legal download on web..I was really looking for that..Getting free and legal downloads is a surprise


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