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Sunday, June 28, 2009

GSC website was hacked?

had been sometime did not load in to the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) website... yesterday wanted to surf the showtime of Transformer.... to my surprised... i got this.

a very simple layout with just wordings.... !!

luckily still can check the screening time....

the best is... you still can purchase the online tickets..!! hahhaa so cool....

BUT... what happen to the original website?? ... is it really got hacked ?? i also dono...

this is strange...



  1. the first line tells you the answer.

    Due to overwhelming traffic to GSC website, you are currently viewing a stripped down version of this page. Not all features will be available in this version

    ;] wink wink! overwhelming traffic to GSC's website is your answer

  2. icic... probably is the transformer movie.. hahhaaa all slots are full !!! too crazy

  3. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  4. its just due to heavy web traffic. established websites wld have such mirror websites on standby

  5. hmmm...the TRANSFORMER movie really so so so nice to watch ar????

  6. johnny: hahaa yeah i knew it now...

    lisa: yup the movie quite nice... gonna write my review soon... hehhee

  7. haha yeah.. too much demands edy! =P


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