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Monday, January 5, 2009

Olympus mju 810 for sale

bought this camera exactly 2 years ago....
but i seldom use.. cos is not small enough and i always use my hp (k810) to take pictures...

besides its 2 yrs old... its actually 98% new..    i really take good care of my gadgets.. 

with the screen protector since bought ... is even zero scratches on the screen protector

everything is perfect....  and also the screen... no dead pixel

it come with the battery and a 1G memory card...  as for 2 yrs ago... 1G is the biggest storage card i think... hahha cos on the box shown highest is 1G only.

the installation and manual CD 

the cables are all fine and tidy... din't even took out the ''tighten string'' 
the AV cable still nicely in the plastic.

everything in the box.. 

can't believe i still keep the plastic in the box.... with the celetape(sticker) some more... lolz

all pack nicely back into the box

as new as just bought... :-)

price is negotiable... email or leave me a message... :)

Updated : 05-02-2008  
the Digital Camera : Olympus MJU 810 was 




  1. Hello, what is the asking price ?

  2. Hello, any one out there ?

  3. sorry for the late reply.

    i had reply in the email =]


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