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Monday, December 22, 2008

I got it back !!

as i blog that i lost my white gold bracelet..... last friday....
today i went back to office without any mood and hope....  reach office i continue to look around... my eye just keep monitoring the floor.

When i walk to the pantry to inform the cleaning lady, to help me to keep an eye when she swept the floor..... but suddenly a colleague talk to me before i manage to speak... 

colleague A : eh, u lost something?

me :  har!...err..ya..

A : is it a bracelet..??... 

me : YA YA..!!    

A : is on my table now.. 

me :  oh is it?  thanx..!

then i was so delight... and run to her table and get my bracelet..

me :  how you know i lost a bracelet?

A : oh coz i saw you looking / like searching something...  (oopz.. i look too obvious... hahhaa)

me : oh.. hahaha yayaa i lost it last friday.... i even came back office.. but i dint search ur place cos i dint recall i went to ur place on friday... ahhahaa..... 

A : don't know... i still thinking whether is it i drop my necklace.... but is so short should be bracelet...    (hmmm how come she cant recognise her own necklace??.. lolz)

dont care.... i finally got it back..... i'm so happy..... ''失而復得'' is just cant be described... 
then i faster sms a fren to tell her the good news.. and i can buy lottery already..... lolz.... she return me a call and laugh at me........ HAHhaaaa  then she ask me faster take a photo down.... so can proof is my bracelet.. and i can have a copy of a pix too just in case i lost it again... =.=''

here it is....
the white gold necklace that came back to me........ muacks.....   lolz

* ya is just so tiny and thin.... not enuf money to get thick wan ma..... hehehhee :p

luckily there isnt any broken/ putus eh.... is actually the buckle loose already... 
tomorrow i will bring it back for repair... kekkeeee

thx to those who had concern bout my previous post.... =]

---Updated 23-12-2008 10:28pm----

yeah... went back to the kedai emas and get the buckle hook fixed.... is 100% perfect now!! hahha..



  1. good for you! it just means this -- you both are inseparable. haha

  2.'s belongs to u!!

    Congratsss~~ :P:P

  3. thx ean and canny.... ya hope is forever mine... hehhee


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