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Friday, August 8, 2008


today is a great and beautiful day.... because ppl say is a day that will not appear in a 100 years?? (but i was thinking everyday also will not appear in future wan la.. right? hahha)

by the way... today is 08 08 08.... Day 08th Month August Year 2008...!!

many couples is getting married today.... i got a fren have her wedding dinner tonight.. but due to some reason i was unable to attend.. so sorry for her... 

besides is 08 08 08... so fatt fatt fatt..... today is also the grand opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games !!! 

i dint stay at home to watch astro live (because astro sure got repeat)... but went out K-session with 2 colleagues...  hahhaa
surprisingly friday night.. neway is so quiet and i only can see few ppl when taking my buffet dinner.... think most of the ppl is at home watching the olympics... ehheheee 

and actually neway is able to watch the olympic live too...  we started at 6.30pm... then at 8.00pm... we decided to have a peep on the live ceremony.... but we was told to delete all the songs in the list in order to watch... =.=''  then the manager suggest we can watch outside at the main entrance.. cos there is a TV outside.. hahahhaa

so funny... we stand there and watch for around 15mins..... the performance is so great.. but we need continue with the K session... 

anyhow our K-session time schedule was extended... no one chase us out... so we continue until 11.45pm... we came out because we are too tired and no voice already.. hahahaha  

since i was so down and many things happen recently... dono why everything just pop out like tat to me.. and each of it is not a small little-doesnt-matter thingy.. but big big matter... nearly suffocated already...

tonight really relaxing and comfortable...thanks both my colleagues... (u know who u are)  
and really worth it too for singing so long... thanks neway.... thanks to the 'olympics' too... 


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