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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol increase 40% to RM2.70 per litre 12am tonight!!

have you get your car pump full tank??? you better do.. before its too late... get it done before 12am tonight...!!!

Pak Lah had announced that the petrol price will
increase 78 cents from RM1.92/ litre to RM2.70 / litre from 12am (05 June 2008) onwards...

this is really going crazy... !!!
40% of increase....!!!

hands also not enough la.. ahahahaa

millions of cars outside is causing the traffic to jammed up...... all cars are out to pump petrol... petrol station are all queue full of cars.... what de.!!...... 

everything is increasing its price.. the food, the rice, etc.... OMG.. 

then when will the salary be increasing???....not enough for even just 10% or 20% increase... at least 50% bah.... when when???

let me see what can be cut down..... hmmmm

have to cut down on shopping during weekends, stay at home and dreamt, no movies, no yau che hor (游車河), no yam cha... aiks.. what a life i still have???.... miserable......  

may be considering of cycling to work too???... hahahaaa

oh no....... **faint**



  1. thanks for nang-ing me in innit. =)

  2. Ppl now have 2 pay more 4 everything following the fuel price hike. Don't support B.N.

  3. dont think of salary increment. think of cutting yr expenses first as these are things within yr control.

    companies will be hit too due to increasing expenses. so, in the end the earning power will diminish

  4. increasing.. increasing.. really crazy jor... i am thinking about to sell my car.. hahaha

  5. thanks for the NANG !!!! my lyric rock eh ?? hehehe


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