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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Labour Day !!

yeah....  !! happy holiday..!!

by the way.. usually i just concern about the public holiday i have... so i can have a rest day no need to go for work... hahhaaa normally what is the holiday for, i don actually gonna bother..  

but this time is labour day..... !!! its our DAY..!!! sad to say... actually i have been a cheap labour since i enter this company... hahaa...  but why i'm still working there???... haiz... hmmm  i hope it will be better soon .... hope i wont die heart for this company... (although is almost)...  

looking forward for a better wan ahead..!! yeah..!!

lets enjoy our BIG DAY..!!!

happy labour day...!!!!

* ahhaa.. wat a relaxing dog..... cute mo?? but why it looks like got tons of worries (心事).. i found it from google search.... lolz



  1. happy labour day...huhu..
    but i'm still student..LOLS.. haha..
    nway, today is holiday!!
    have fun!

  2. Happy Labour Day haha


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