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Thursday, March 6, 2008

dragon-i related : canton-i

That day come across the advertisement on newspaper found out dragon-i got another related restaurant -- canton-i....

ahaha the only outlet is at 1-U... so brought mum go try try.... then next day bring fren there also. hahaa went twice jor.... ok lar the food... but over expensive compare similar restaurant..
they are famous and emphasized on Wantan Mee.. and siu lap (roasted chicken & duck etc).. then got dim sum, and various desserts etc.

the sign board....
yuen yeung milk tea
fried lou bak gou (carrot cake)
boiled mah tai zhu jeh longan water (water chestnut, sugarcane water)
har gau (prawn dumpling)
chee cheung fun... ehhee i like prawn cheung fun
dry wontan mee... the wontan quite nice gar big prawn inside
soup wontan char siew mee ( the mee to much jor... i don really like this kind of mee.. i prefer normal mee hahahaa)

steamed egg with orange peel (tis wan looks unique eh.. ahahaa sweet sweet nice nice fresh)
donno wat mixed fruit ice ..... but 1st mouth i eat wah... i nearly spit out cos they put the dono wat cream... taste like medicine... the white color wan... =.='' then i ask the waiter...
hahaa for my surprised... the waiter so nice... he changed for us.. without the cream..... (今時今日的服務態度,才對嘛) ... cos i seldom see KL restaurant got tat good b4... ahhahaaaa
the fruits are sweet and nice..... jus the black jelly too soft jor... heheee

the shop outside got take away... but the buns looks so small and cost so exp la.. hahaha

the restaurant located at 1-U (old wing) 1st floor opposite TGI Fridays.


tat night went back home... saw they started to put all the polling banner everywhere also can see.... too much till looks dirty.. hahhaaaa
Malaysia 12th election coming soon on 8th March 2008!! ...

who will you vote?? me 1st time voting la.... so gan jeong.... hahaaa



  1. u go the canton-i during brunch?

    all first tiem voting also feel very excited gum
    most of my friends also say very excited very gan jeong
    i dont have any feel since i not able to vote
    have to wait another few yrs (4 or 5 yrs?)only can vote
    the area u register, got who u can vote? vote DAP ler...hehe

  2. yaya... brunch went there... and dinner too

    kekee.. ya lor.. cos donno how the procedures goes.. and sked i 'crossed' wrongly later wasted.. haha
    u remember go register when u back oh...
    ahhaa ya... shhh cannot say out.. lolz ya ler DAP... kekeee


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