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Monday, February 25, 2008

missing SAMMI's CNY Movie too much

tat day went to watch another 2008 CNY movie - Kung Fu Dunk.... 
donno ar.... i'm not jay's fanz la... but i feels tis movie is nicer than the CJ7... may be more ppl and more actions gua... got basketball see... although alot of animations la.... 

recent years seems like less and lesser nice CNY movie liao....  so missed sammi's movie la..!!!
hahaa last time so nice.... so many kinds of CNY movie to watch.... and so nice to watch.... every year also got sammi... kekeeeee

1998 - the lucky guy..

2000... needing you...

2000  - summer holiday

2001 - Wu Yen

2002 - Marry a rich Man

2003 - Love for all seasons

2004 - Magic kitchen

and others sammi movies ah...!!!!

100% feel

fighting for love

love on a diet

looking forward for her new movie in JUNE 2008 == 查之女..!!!! hooray...!!!!

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