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Monday, October 15, 2007

a new shopping experience - Pavilion KL

hahaa... quite troublesome to post pix 1 by 1 here... so i jus jumble all up into slides la... hehee

last 2 weeks brought mum to pavilion walk walk... a new shopping complex at KL. this is cool ler now lot 10, sungai wang, KL plaza, starhill, timesquare n tis new pavilion all also in a walking distance only... ppl especially tourists can just drop by there and walk for a few days.. hahaa

hmmm.. lets see wats in pavilion... quite a big complex and many new shops are in here especially those ''branded'' ones and also quite a couple of new shops that are first launching in Malaysia. Isnt this cool?.. ahah at least malaysia now is attracting new brand that msia never had b4. pavilion is quite spacious too... hmm but the escalator abit far apart... hahaa... hav to walk a distance (=.=" lazy me)

alot of branded shops lor... until i dare not walk in also.. cos too expensive jor... hahaa.....and.. some of the shops here located at a few floors... like the esprit and topshop... haha separate with ladies, mens and kids. esprit even got own escalator in the shop it-self... duckie.!! u saw the mandarin duck shop??.. selling bags.. haha took for u wan ... u can open a shop call holland duck la... heheeee...... There are 2 departmental store here, tangs and parkson.... really too much to walk in 1 day...

yeah.. waited for so long ''giordano ladies'' finally in malaysia la.... previously is just in HK, taiwan and shanghai only... i bought from HK b4... like the cutting and the material... tis time it bring ''giordano concept'' here too... concept is more stylish and casual while ladies wan is more to working clothes. this 2 shops are totally diff from the existing giordano in malaysia lor... cos the management and clothes are directly from HK.... the existing giordano here is base in msia wan and is more to casual clothes....G2k as usual lar... ... and tis mooks also new wan from australia... inside got a sub-brand very funny call ''super dry'' in mandarin.. hahaa

the food here are located mostly at the lower ground... some others in very weird place ... also donno which is nice.. so jus make a try at tis ''etoile''.... cos is jus located at the middle... the portion of food served is really huge...!! the pie also too big lar...but is nice.... hahaaa the price ar?? is like tat lor... the mushroom soup also very nice... yum yum... ice choco not bad too...

there are a few restaurant such as, korean, chinese, vietnamese, indian food all located at the top floor and yet to be open...

i jus don really understand wats the big staircase walking path for... hahaa.. may be where there is performance ppl can sit and watch??.. but normal days.. there are ppl seating at the side and all over.. so weird la... make it not so grand jor... ahahaaa

the most scary thing after visiting here is ---- the CARPARK is over tooo expensive... i pay RM11.50 for 5 hours shopping there..... crazy gar...!!!

took some pix outside the complex too... and the night life of KL... yes traffic jam ar.. tats why i could took the pix.. hahaaa

oops... bought many clothes ar me..... mostly are working clothes lor.. cos long time din buy jor.. hehee... the mooks got free a hp strap too... and giordano ladies free a towel set... ahhaa not bad mar.. got free things.. kekkeeee

last week i went pavilion again... to change my G2 shirt cos too small jor cant button the wrist button lor... dono why so chak... and went in Giordano ladies bought jor a blazer.. kekee.. the cover so big ar... but actually is jus a small blazer.... hehee... thx mum..!!!! for paying for me... heheee.. very happy ar....!!!


  1. hahah
    thanks for ur detail description

    pavilion paid u commision eh?

  2. kanasai u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u go liau
    i havent go yet!!!!

    then again harder for me since im in penang



  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. goolk jai : if pavilion pay me commission jau hoe lor.... i write more nvm.. kekeee

    jacjac..!! why holiday also wan *slap* me... =.='' u faster come here lar then bring u there.. hahaa

  5. perhaps...i can go to pavilion in this week...hehe


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