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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

butt-aching journey from Ipoh to KL

today.. is a public holiday to replace hari raya on the saturday.
today is also my big cousin sister's wedding. however, the ceremony is at Ipoh. so me and my parents depart to ipoh tis early morning..

hahaa.. but we nearly late cos a lil traffic jam.... when we reached, the bridegroom team is already at the door... while they were negotiating to enter the house... i have to stay outside.. hahaa.. cos i cant get in too..=.='' so i manage to take some video and pix.. hahaa

after the tea ceremony.. they went to the bridegroom's place and then to the restaurant.. ya is a lunch wedding... 1st time i attend lunch wedding meal... ppl mountain ppl sea also... later they explained tat becos the restaurant need to be booked 1 year ealier... now is all fully booked tats why they hav it as lunch... (so kua cheong.. 1 yr b4.. hahaa then wat if anything happen during the yr?? the restaurant earn the deposit lor cos cant refund mar.. heheeee)

we finish about 4pm and then immediately leave for home cos scared will stuck in the jam... but unfortunately... we really stuck in the crazy traffic jam... and dad still wan use the coaster road... gosh... took us 6-hours to reach home for a 2 hours jounrney..!!! OMG..!!! somemore have to go to the stupid smelly and dirty petrol station toilet..!! haha.. so sien in the car i start to sms and disturb my frenz.. sorry for those who i had kacau... heheee... and thx for entertained me... (there are some places Maxis no signal gar... why not like Digi ''i'll follow u''?? hahaa)

last merdeka day we went back penang and took 8 hours to reach home... and tis time jus from ipoh to KL also 6 hours...... pls.. i told dad.. no more outing during festive season or public holiday..!!.. malaysia has too much cars jor..!!!

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