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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Closing my entertainment blog

Decided to close my maro^gal entertainment blog :

Actually is more to a ''combine'' rather than close.. hahaa coz most of the post will be transferred over here.

Will slowly redirect most of the links here for the next few months.

Sorry for those who subscribed to my blog as you will see many of my ''old blog post'' appearing in ur feeds. Sorry for the inconvenient caused.



  1. ello,, why you want to close it? let it be there.. just don't update it hehe

  2. hmm... no komen maro... up to u..

  3. kidblogger: ya i wont update there anymore.. but i will redirect some links over here. then see it goes later. =]

    nal: thanx ya !!

  4. hard to maintain isn't it? take care

  5. tanakwagu: ya it's not easy... thanx!


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