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Friday, February 18, 2011

How and Where to register to vote ?

Recently saw a lot of mobile registration booth around the city. Is the next election coming soon? But never mind... as what is says... election can happen anytime, so act fast to register yourself as a voter !!!

Teenagers tend to ask... WHERE? and HOW?? to register?

i remember i registered mine very ad-hoc also.. somewhere in Penang while i was back there for a short vocation... and my first vote happen in year 2008 - the 12 general election.

What important is your IC and also driving license if any.
Go to any post office nearby your place and get yourself register.
Even better there are so many mobile booth around shopping malls now...

Don't wait.. get them done now. !!

Don't say that you are not involve in politics or you don't care about the government. But who knows what will happen next? Your small vote DOES COUNT !! sikit sikit jadi bukit... hahhaa
it is your responsible as a resident to vote.. ^.^

found some government sites to help those who are still puzzling how to become a voter.

Election Tips for Voters :
How to register and vote:

hope this help... and vote for your future !!!


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