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Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Crazy Dog Abuser @ Facebook

last weekend i saw clip title link of 变态狂!!虐待狗15分钟。。。( abusing dog for 15mins) in my facebook newsfeed. i don even dare to play the clip because i scared of hard feelings.. but due to my curiosity.. i just play and ffwd the clip. Gosh!! to my unbelieved is a stupid guy shouting and scolding a poor little cute poodle !! forcing the poor poodle to stand on its 2 legs! the stupid guy further smacked and kick the poodle... poor little poodle dont dare to shout but just stunned with fear.. its looks so terrified and was shivering for the whole 15mins long !!

on the next 2 days.. the clip was ''shared'' around in FB. it caught everyone's attention and sympathy to the poor dog and was scolding and anger on the culprit dog abuser. somehow it spread all over asia and i believe is actually all over the world! i'm shock it actually happen in Malaysia... >.<

the initial video link in FB :
but now was not available anymore.

there are several copies of video uploaded everywhere. i don't wanna post the video here. just click to watch if you can stand to see the poodle being abused.

sushi, the poodle (isn't it cute??)

SPCA Singapore is the first association to comment on it

many artist join into the petition in china weibo.
there were later several discussion and pages in FB to save the poodle and petition against the horrible guy as below:

救救可憐的小POODLE (變態虐待狂痛扁紅貴賓)

Petition Against Infamous FB Dog Abuser

HOCC page (goomo posted)

Who can Identify this Malaysian dog abuser?

Updated news about the dog abuse

volunteers helping to investigate (Andrew & Michelle's "Save the Poodle" Mission)

Yesterday this in fb claimed that they had a telephone conversation with the suspect.
the guy deny he is the dog abuser and ask public to find him in person at his working place melacca. but actually given a false info to public. i heard the voice clip and the guy was so 含糊不清 and not even talking in proper, just mumbling through. Public went to the shop but find no sign of the man. this was later reported in the Star newspaper this morning.

but the sadness is, if the abuser is caught, he will only be fined RM200 or jailed 6 months, or both if found guilty. WHY!! the charged is just TOO LOW?? !! crazy...

malaysian are doing something too. ppl are lodging reports on this case and hope harsher punishment enforced against animal abusers!!

a touching piece of article in FB for the poor poodle

reading numerous comments in fb, seems the video is actually filmed few months or years back so if the guy is caught will he be charged too? there are also rumous that the poodle was dead!! hope is not true....

wish the cute little poodle is still alive and safe. and i hope the guy will be caught and charged or even let himself suffer like the poodle. hahaa stand with his hands and if fells down... a kick or smack will be served... lolz



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