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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Liquid cooling system for CPU

something funny happen last weekend....  mum went up to my brother's room on sunday morning and found a few empty mineral water bottles (1.5 litre) ... 

their conversation actually is in chinese

mum : how come you so thirsty?? kitchen no water meh? why you go buy mineral water ??

bro (just awake by mum, very blur) : not human drink wan (不是人暍的)

mum :  HAR !!!!!   (she really shouted quite loud, coz i can hear it from downstairs) 

mum : then who drink??

bro (still in sleepy mode) : for the CPU (pointing to his pc)

mum : what is CPU???  computer drinks water???!!!!   why cant take boiled water?

bro : No.. must be distilled water....

then my mum came out from his room... still in puzzled..... come to me and tell me bro computer drink a few bottles of water... have to be distilled water somemore.

hahhaaa i also cant answer my mum coz i also don't know what happen....  so i went to ''investigate''  and conclude that my brother is crazy..!!!

he actually just bought a new CPU last month..... and is a very super HEAVY big piece of black metal ''casing'' (at least got 20-30KG) ... i name it as ''transformer'' 

then less than a month....he sell off the ''transformer'' and invest (will tell u later why i say use this word 'invest') into this ''water CPU'' (haven't find a name for it yet)...

here's the main ingredient for fixing a WATER CPU:

1. need few bottles of distilled water....

here is some empty bottles I took later at the dustbin.... he actually messed up his room for fixing the ''water CPU'' for the whole night.... he got the pix but i dare not post up.. hahhaha

2. artificial vinegar tooooo  (forgotten to take a pix of it so i just simply google for a pix)

3. Coca-Cola....     **must be Coke** cannot be Pepsi  (he got explain to me but i can't bother about his explanation)

and this is the famous duper ''water CPU''

can see the water pipes inside??

actually is a water cooling system and has a name for it - Swiftech cooling system !

taaa-daaa...... with lights too   (looks like an experiment room)

there are switches behind for the lights..... lights can be turn off but not the water pipes

and it actually works..!! haahhaaa...  the water inside keep recycle 
hmm may be this wan i can name it an aquarium..   lolz   i even ask him whether i can put fish inside

i also get to ask out of my curiosity.... 
actually the distilled water is just to wash the plastic pipes before using...   
and then replace with vinegar so that it can last for 1-2 months instead of water have to change quite frequently...

ok... come to the most interesting topic... how much it cost??
he not really willing to tell me... so i just guess .... 5K  no?... 10K ?  more than tat... 15K?? nah not so high....   at last is probably around rm12K  including the 20'' monitor (rm650)  
coz everything imported from USA... not available in Malaysia yet..  

i was.... OMG.... OMG..... tats tooo expensive..... >.<    thats why i say is an investment 



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  2. why coke not pepsi?? Cool system btw..

  3. noob noob: hahaa.. yea... cool for cooling lolz

    amenwolf: hmmm i also forgotten why pepsi cant be use.. think there is some ''chemical'' not suitable bah... =]

  4. woah ur desktop transformed LOL! ahaha eh where to buy that transformer cpu?

  5. crazy: hahhaa yeah tats why i named it transformer. i think you can order it from the computer shop. =]


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