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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check & pay traffic police summons online

Heard that the traffic police summons is having big discount recently.

So I quickly check mine and wanted to share it. Due to the convenient of the internet technology. We can check the summons online now. I had tried a few websites provided by a few sectors before. Some are just keep loading till never ending, some appear ''error''.

And now i found this one very easy and fast. Just 2 seconds and the results is out.!

can choose from the option provided: Vehicle no., IC no., Passport no. or the Co registration no.
its just so easy... =]

HAHhaa... i got 3 summons to pay... one of it had up to 90% discount... hehhee



  1. Haha, payment done by myeg is fast, no need travel until police station to pay, keke

  2. y u got so many summons one....

  3. hahaaa..... cos ar... errr.... i drive bit too slow gua.... lolz


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