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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malaysia's first olympic Gold medal tonight (silver)

Entire nation set to watch Chong Wei’s bid for immortality
The whole nation will be looking at him tonight when he plays against on world number one Lin Dan in a bid to bring home the first-ever Olympic gold medal.
Malaysia have produced world champions in squash, bowling and wushu before. But an Olympic champion stands tall over the others and Chong Wei knows this is his chance to achieve the biggest ever glory in Malaysian sports and hand the country a perfect birthday gift for Merdeka Day.

His killer instincts, brilliant net play and court control are the qualities that put him on top of his game and able to trade blows with the equally talented Lin Dan.

Another factor going for him is that the pressure is off him now that he has assured the country will not return home empty-handed for the third consecutive Olympics.

Chong Wei will be seeking inspiration from his impressive straight-game win over Lin Dan in the Thomas Cup semi-final tie in Jakarta in May if he is to overcome his familiar rival.

Beating Lin Dan will not be easy as he has the support of the partisan crowd but Chong Wei has vowed to fight to the death and will not let the taunts get to him.

“When I play, I will not think about anything else. I will shut out my mind from all and just focus on the court,” he said after his semi-finals win on Saturday.

The RM1mil incentive is his if he topples the two-time world champion tonight but for Chong Wei, it is not what's driving him on.

Already assured of RM300,000 (the reward for a silver medal), it is more the chance to earn his biggest career title.

“This is the first time I have reached a final of a big tournament and I hope to come out a winner,” he said.

One already sensed what he was thinking of when he kissed the national flag on his shirt and after he won the semi-finals match on Saturday

He wants to win it as much for himself as for the nation. And if he pulls it off, it will be one heck of a feel-good story for the country in these difficult times.
souce : the star paper

pictures from the semi-final on friday evening.
he was too excited and fall himself on the floor with joy. 

Olympic Beijing 2008 - Badminton Men Single FINAL is tonight 8.48pm ...
Results and schedule : schedule 

Malaysia Lee Chong Wei  Vs  China Lin Dan

will the world no. 2 shuttler beat the world no. 1 shuttler??  
he did actually... found some clips from youtube...  chong wei won lin dan in the last thomas cup semi-final this year.

hope this happen again tonight.... !!

will malaysia get it's first olympic gold medal ?? 
of coz all malaysian hope so.... 

will malaysia declare monday as public holiday after winning the gold medal??  
hahhaa... i really wish so.... hehhee

too many questions... don't bother... just stay-tune and watch the final match tonight...

i think all malaysian will sticked to the tv for the live performance.. more excited than the olympic grand opening... 
one thing i found good about local tv in this olympic ''live'' show... 
despite the malay translator, local TV will have no advertisement and no ''rain-disturbance'' while the astro is 1-2 mins delay, with several advertisement in between and signal unstable... =.=''

my relatives will come over my house and watch the match together with us too.... 

CHONG WEI... add oil...!!!

**updated 09.50pm

ooh...... chong wei lost to lin dan.... sob sob..........
anyway... chong wei tried his best... he did a very good job... make msia proud... at least can see msia flag arising in the olympic ceremony... MSIA got the 1st medal - SILVER in Beijing Olympic 2008..!!



  1. Please get the fact correct. This is not Malaysia's first Olympic Silver medal -__-

  2. wat i mean is 1st silver in olympic 2008 bor... isnt it right??

  3. If u want to put it that way, then it should be 1st medal.

  4. ''MSIA got the 1st medal - SILVER in Beijing Olympic 2008..!! ''

    i actually did ooo O.o

  5. Whatsoever, he get RM300,000 + pension of RM3,000 a month. Who is losing now? Government, LinDan or him?


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