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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Looking for a budget Singapore hotel/ hostel

yeah.. i know is weird to blog about this.. but... really run out of idea .... need some opinion or suggestion on this la...

i have been looking for a few hotels.. but is either fully booked or is way too expensive

i will be traveling with another 3 frenz for a vacation to Singapore next month in june.

anyone have any idea to recommend me a budget hotel/ hostel??

preferably the room is clean, comfortable, convenient to the MRT or near the tourist attraction (eg: orchard) and with reasonable room rates... meanwhile our budget is around $SGD100 per night.

your opinion is so much appreciated
thank you so much...!!!



  1. Check this hotel out. I've had friends staying over there and it was pretty good, esp the fantastic location.

    anyway its quite difficult to get a room anywhere now as there are a few expos going on and most hotels are completely booked. So maybe you have to be more flexible with your budget of accomodation.

  2. u can try search "backpacking singapore" at google :) backpacking means travel at the lowest cost

  3. ic.. no wonder i cant get a room...

    thx CJ n andy.... i will check it out...

  4. you can try at this hotel, located at Bugis. Quite convenience since there is a MRT station at Bugis.

    the rate is fair and cheap.
    Bugis there quite near to Orhard Road as well. Bugis there got 1 shopping mall.


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